Measurements: April

Right, so here are my body measurements from April.

I’ve been eating according to the LCHF diet like a good girl (with my usual allowances of G&T, champagne and dark chocolate every now and then). However, my exercise regime has changed quite a lot since I took up spinning.  Instead of only doing weight training which is focused on shaping up through the toning and strengthening muscles, I got bitten by the spinning bug and for the last 3 weeks have been doing 2 – 3 spinning classes to 1 training session.

My husband will testify that I get a bit one-track-minded when I first get into something new so it’s no real surprise.  But unfortunately it’s had an impact on my body measurements.

You see, because I was sweating it out so much in the spinning classes and could feel my leg muscles burn as we did various ‘climbs’, I assumed that the activity was combining fat burning and muscle toning perfectly. However, my measurements tell a different story.

Apparently muscles are the fat burning factories in our bodies. The better muscle mass you have the more fat you burn.  It’s not about bulk, it’s about tone and mass.  That’s why women have got it all wrong.  We’ve been sold the lie that resistance training and muscle work at gym is only for men and so we’ve largely stuck to the treadmill, step-machine and a few stomach crunches.  The truth however is that fastest, healthiest and most sustainable way to burn fat is to build muscle tone.

Think about it, the sexiest women are those who are in shape but show toned arms etc too – not just stick-straight.

The better your muscle tone you have, the harder your body will work to maintain what you’ve built and will burn more fat in the process. The bad news is that if you don’t work to maintain muscle tone you can loose up to 10% muscle mass a week. That’s why there’s a direct correlation between me losing 1kg of muscle and putting on 600grams of fat.

Now, cardio (spinning) has it’s place and will ensure long term fitness and thereby improve your health, but it’s not a fat-burning or muscle toning solution.

So for May, I’ll be swapping the ratio around and hope to do 2-3 training sessions to 1 spinning session a week.

I’ll be interested to see the results! For now, here are my April measurements…


Weight April Fat April Muscle April Metabolic Age

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