Check-In: Jax

I’m sitting in bed with my 4-year-old daughter next to me, typing on her Dr Suess book to mimic what I’m doing.

I’ll need to keep this short because it’s after 21h00 and I need her to sleep.  Wasn’t thinking clearly when I said she could keep me company while Pete’s in JHB and then decided to work right next to her.  Oh well, she’s happy and so am I.

I have a confession to make.  I had planned to cut down on my intake of animal fats due to the presence of L(p)a cholesterol in my system.  I knew from Twin Noakes 1 that Jeanne and I need to control our intake of this type of fat seeing as L(p)a cholesterol predisposes us to create LDL cholesterol far more easily than normal.  The problem is that I LOVE my cheese, cream and butter.

If I look back at the month I see bowls of double cream Greek Yoghurt and an animal fat in most of my meals.  When I started the LCHF eating plan at the beginning of the year I was pretty good at keeping a balance but I will admit to veering off more to the animal fat side of things.  Now, if you don’t have L(p)a cholesterol then this wouldn’t be a problem, but I do and it is.

So I commit to getting my balance back this month and let’s see what happens.

I’m sure the blood tests I did 2 days ago will give me further motivation to correct my path.  I’ll review and post the results soon-soon.

Blood taken

I have also been bitten by the “Spinning” bug. My last class was a 2 hour session which I loved.  Unfortunately I can get a bit one track minded sometimes and I’ve been spinning more than gym training and need to get that back into balance too. Thank goodness for you guys out there keeping me accountable!

Other than that I’ve been extremely tired this last month or so.  Almost narcoleptic at times.  I requested an iron test along with my usual blood samples so hopefully the answer will be found there.  It’s one thing to be anemic and be able to deal with it, but to be constantly tired and for there to be no reason would worry me.  We’ll have to wait and see.

A demain mes amis!




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