Blood Tests: April

Most of you would have read my Check-In from yesterday so you pretty much know what I’m going to say about the graphs below.  Because of that I’ve decided just to quote myself so that any ‘newbies’ can get an understanding on why my graphs have generally moved up…

“From the start of Twin Noakes 2 I’ve said that this leg of the project would see me taking on the LCHF eating plan organically as a ‘normal’ person out there.  This past weekend (It) was a significant birthday and mother’s day – need I say more :-) We’ve seen what happens when you do LCHF (it) 100% in Twin Noakes 1 and the results speak for themselves. If you’re carb intolerant as we are, then a LCHF lifestyle is certainly the way to go, and if you do it ‘properly’ then you’ll thrive on the outside (body fat and weight) and the inside (general health) within a short space of time.

But what if you add in an occasional GnT, a few glasses of champagne and a slice of birthday cake once in a while? That’s the question I asked and I’m getting the answers.  Since the start of Twin Noakes 2 I’ve allowed myself some leeway here and there and my blood tests have shown a slower progress than Jeanne had, but in the right direction none-the-less. Last month (April) however was my husband’s 40th and I made and ate a slice of his dark chocolate Lindt cake.  It was also my best friend’s birthday so my champagne intake went up a bit too.  The results? My risk factors have started climbing a bit again. … In the beginning of this year I was pretty good at just a one or two GnT’s/Champagne a week, but as the months have gotten more festive, that amount has increased.

I’m not going to draw any conclusions now, but I expect the end of this month to look pretty much the same. Interesting…

Total Cholesterol April HDL April LDL April Tri April Glucose April Insulin April

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