Tracy Anderson’s 15 minute workout

My training partner (and amazing friend) Karin forwarded this to me. You may already be familiar with Tracy Anderson, but I’m a newby and will enjoy adding her training to my regime.




  1. Hi, I’m also one of a twin who follows the paleo diet. My mom, my sister and I have been doing Tracy’s Metamorphosis for two years now. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, if the paleo diet hasn’t already! The change is incredible. I recommend subscribing to her Metamorphosis program because it’s like having a personal trainer! Every three months you get the next three months exercise which consists of nine workouts which you do for ten days each. It’s challenging, never boring and fun, especially if you constantly get new music to do with the dance cardio every so often. We do it five times a week. The paleo diet combined with Tracy Anderson’s Metamorphosis is the best of the best!

    • Wow Alouette you’ve really inspired me to get into Tracy’s program. Will let you know how it goes!

    • I just started Paleo about a week ago and can’t believe the major difference in how I feel already. I was googling Paleo and Tracy Anderson and this popped up. I’ve owned metamorphosis for over a year yet can never get motivated to actually do it. I think Alouette’s comment has convinced me to actually take it out of the closet and actually use it! Thanks.

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