Check-In: Jax

Hi all,

Another week (or so) and another check-in to write – what fun.

Last week centered largely around by my husband’s 40th birthday which was celebrated with a lavish dinner on Tues evening and a festive extended lunch with friends on Sunday. The highlight was a dark chocolate Lindt cake the kids and I made for him.  It was the closest I could get to something I was allowed to eat and with 6 eggs in the recipe and xylitol in the place of sugar plus only 40g of flour I ate a slice with an only mildly pricked conscience. (Lindt Dark Chocolate Cake Recipe)

Cake bake

On the exercise front, I had a particularly good BodyTec session on Friday because I took my settings down.  Yip, I was aiming for the highest settings possible thinking the harder it is the more I’ll exercise, but Karin pointed out to me that as my exercise partner she could see I was struggling to do the movements because the currents were so strong. When I got there on Fri the BodyTec team had come to the same conclusion and so we reset everything and started anew – it was really great.  My butt will testify that even though the settings were lower than before, I still exercised!

Then, as you probably know by now, I did a spinning class this afternoon.  I went into it a bit nervous because I can honestly say that the last proper cardio I did was a spinning class 7 years ago with a handful of aerobics classes in between.  I was delighted to see that the instructor was a girl named Renata who was one of my preggy-bellies coaches when I was pregnant with both Grace and James.  Knowing her was a comfort on one level, but I also knew she wouldn’t be taking it easy on us.  And I’m glad she didn’t!  I pushed myself at a pace that was sustainable and was very surprised when we started cooling down at what felt like 20 minutes later.  I hope to do 2 spinning classes a week and wish I started cardio earlier because there’s definitely a layer of padding hiding the great muscle definition I’ve gained through my LCHF eating, BodyTec and training.  Oh well there’s time still.


I collected my Pathcare results this morning and am keen to do the graphs.  I won’t be surprised if they’ve wobbled a bit given March’s madness but let’s see.

Pathcare results

Right now I’ve got the kiddies in the bath (fighting) and need to take a cake out of the oven and make a card for one of their teachers. I’m tying up my next “Between the Lines” post and will try and get that out soon.

Cheers for now…


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