Check-In: Jax

This week has been another out-of-routine week.  The kids and I joined Pete in Knysna from Thurs to Tues as he worked at opening the first Seattle Coffee Co. on the Garden Route.  It’s at the Caltex on Waterfront Drive just off the main road and was doing a steady trade from the word go. I was (naturally) one of it’s first patrons and stopped in every morning to get my fix on the way to my cousin’s farm where the kids and I spent most of our time.


Although the weekend was FULL of carbs (from croissant breakfasts to pastas and breads), I managed to stick to the LCHF path with ease. One evening I made my mother’s creamy cabbage dish from a cabbage out of their extensive veggie patch and could’ve eaten a dozen eggs a day from their healthy hens.


I struggled a bit one breakfast at Mon Petit Pain in town when everyone else tucked into fresh pastries and I had to eat steamed spinach (not my favorite) and egg.  But I’d say that was the only low culinary point of our visit.

Mon petit Pain

In between our meals the kids roamed the farm and petted the animals while the adults lazed around and caught up on life.  Cousins

Jeanne and her husband were also there and I am proud to announce that she officially has a little bump!


I got back to CT on Tues evening with the kids and my poor little James was terribly ill.  He’s just recovered so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to slip off to the gym tomorrow for a bit of exercise.

I must be honest, I haven’t exercised enough over this last while.  Also, because of all the festivities I’ve eaten more than my hunger has demanded and have also consumed more fat than I should.  Oh, and there have been quite a few occasions that have called for a glass of champaign of a GnT. So … I’m a bit nervous about what my weight and fat% will be on my next measurement and hope that my blood tests don’t condemn me too.  It’ll be interesting though because if things have been negatively impacted to a significant degree then I’ll know that unless I stick to quite a strict LCHF way of eating, I’ll start regressing in my health. I hope that doesn’t happen though – I’d like to think that I can allow myself some festive leeway in the future without suffering too many consequences.

Let’s weight … I mean wait … and see.

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