Check-In: Jax

This has been a great week.

Yesterday I met with Prof Noakes again which was just wonderful.  To sit opposite someone who you highly respect as well as thoroughly enjoy is a treat.  I just caught him up on Twin Noakes 2 and how it’s going and will be working on some articles for him.  The first one will be on cholesterol.  I’ll let you know where and when it will be published.

Today I had my first BodyTec session which was electrifying – I am really looking forward to getting plugged back into the system on a weekly basis.

Otherwise I’m still enjoying my LCHF diet.


Because of the L(p)a cholesterol in my body I know I need to cut down on my dairy intake a bit so I’ve decided to swap from consuming my regular lattes to Americanos with pouring cream.


Finally, I realise that I need to do a re-working and tidy-up of the blog as I get into phase 2 of the project.  I hope to do this asap in between school-runs, gym sessions and life in general :-)


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