Check-In: Jax

Let’s see.  Last time I wrote I had just had breakfast at The Round House on Sat morning.  Sunday saw Pete, the kids and I joined the rest of my family to meet my brother’s fiance’s family in Stellenbosch.  They’re fantastic and we’re all looking forward to many more fun times together.  Mrs Moss is a brilliant cook and put on a feast for us.  We ate at a loooong wooden table which groaned under platters of salads, breads and meats. My favourite was her famous pork belly and the cherry on the top was the glass of french champagne which was like the nectar of the gods. Needles to say I ate strictly LCHF…

(My plate of food and glass of french bubbly opposite Diana’s brother and his girlfriend)

I have come across an eating challenge called The Whole30.  Do yourself a favour and check it out (click on the logo).  Apparently the results are amazing. I was toying with the idea of doing it myself, but came back to what this blog is all about and that’s being a normal person eating a balanced diet of LCHF foods.  I don’t want to alienate anyone and do what perhaps only a few of you will want to attempt.  If any of you have done it or are wanting to take it on then get hold of me – I’d love to track your progress.

For now, here are the pics of what is under the cover of my clothes.  Before you take a look and tell me I’m not fat and don’t need to loose weight, let me say I AGREE WITH YOU.  I know that I can leave my body as is, but I’m keen to tackle my post-babies/post-high carb soft spots on a LCHF diet and with some exercise to see what happens.  I believe that focused exercise plus the nature of LCHF eating will do for my body what all the ‘balanced eating plans’ and general exercise never could.

So here goes…


Note in this pic the softness on my hips which becomes muffin tops in many of my pants.  Also note my inner and outer thighs which aren’t huge, but are very doughy – believe me.  You can also see the softness of my tummy here – but this will come through better in the last pic. (Yes I have scoliosis – check out my left shoulder!)


Note the same things as in the front view (just not tummy)


If you look closely at where my tummy meets my bikini bottom, you’ll see a line.  That’s because it’s folding over.  I don’t think I’ll ever have a six-pack (not that I particularly want one) but it’d be great to see how much of that fold I can work off.

So there it is.  I see my psychologist next week (13th) so will start “Between the lines” then.




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