Baseline Body Measurements

Hi there,

I’ve put some graphs together so that I can begin tracking my changes on the LCHF eating plan.  We’ll have to allow for a point of difference here and there seeing as I’m now having my measurements done with a different machine and not on Rael’s.  I’ll do the full body measurements (shoulders, waist, hips etc) at the end of this phase of Twin Noakes but BIA fat%, Weight, Bone Mass and Muscle Mass will be done on a monthly basis.

The baseline figures you see below are taken from where I ended off on Twin Noakes 1 – having eaten a High Carb diet for 2 months.  You’ll see that the Bone and Muscle Mass graphs don’t have a baseline – this is because it wasn’t tested in the first phase of the project.  I’m keen to see how they develop on the LCHF diet though so I’ve put them in.

I’ll be getting February’s measurements soon – watch this space

Weight January

Muscle January Bone January

Fat Jan

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