Check-in: Jeanne

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve checked in.  Thank you for understanding our need to shut down for a bit when Dad passed away, but we’re back on board now, and happy to be so.


Since the end of the ‘controlled’ part of my low carb journey I’ve stuck to a low carb way of eating, but have been having some dark (70% or above) chocolote and a G&T every now and then.   Also, once in while I will enjoy a bit of pudding or a cupcake at an event – but that really is rare and I still don’t miss sugar at all!  As for the fat part of my diet, as I am genetically predisposed to bad cholesterol, I’ve had to keep an eye on my animal fat intake.  In truth, when I look back on the 2 months we were being monitored, my diet consisted of LOADS of animal fat (cheese, cream, butter, bacon) and little of the other good kind (Olive oil, nuts, fish)…and so bringing some balance to it all is good!

With Christmas coming up Jax and I will need to both monitor what ‘Christmas’ treats we allow ourselves, while still enjoying the fun and festivities.  As I mentioned, I don’t feel the need for sugar at all – but will definitely enjoy a few sun-downers and slices of Christmas cake over the next month!


The past few weeks have been so different from those I experienced during the first part of the Twin Noakes project and immediately after.  With everything that happened and with us traveling up to Pretoria to be with our Mom, exercise was the first thing to go for me!  It was odd not being able to go to gym for those 3 weeks, and not being able to enjoy our (fabulous) training at Bodytec – and I feel I may have gotten a little soft around the edges?  – not sure, my husband says he can’t see a difference!  Looking ahead, I will be joining Jax, along with a whole tribe of extended family, at our beach house on the Wild Coast for the Christmas holidays….


I’m feeling good, although a little frustrated that I’ve lost some momentum in my journey exercise wise.  This low carb way of eating showed me how great exercise can feel (sustained energy, weight control, great response to toning) – and having missed out on 3 weeks of it and soon off on holiday for the rest of the month I really hope I can keep up some level of training.

I responded so well to Bodytec( and I’ve missed that most, but at least I have it all to look forward to in the new year!

When all’s said and done – doing well, feeling great!


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