Twin Noakes Phase 2: Week 1

Hi all,

First of all, thank you so much for all the messages of condolences following our father’s untimely death last week.  Every word of comfort or encouragement has meant the world to us.

It’s hard to do a check-in on a week that is one big sad blur but I can definitely confess that both Jeanne and I have strayed off the LCHF path a bit over the last 6 days.  Comfort and convenience were the order of the day initially so not-so-healthy carbs made their way onto our plates from time to time.  As time has passed however, we’ve come back to our LCHF ways knowing that looking after ourselves physically is important as we go into a long and difficult emotional season.

Both of us feel like we’ve added a bit more padding which may well be true given our brief liaison with refined carbs recently, but we’re understandably not too bothered about it.  It may also be partly psychological – we’ll have to wait and see what comes up on our next BIA and weight test.

I trust you’re all well out there – it’s 20h27 in Cape Town South Africa, my children are asleep, my husband is out, and I am shattered.  Going to read for a few mins and then grab some much needed sleep.

Night Night,


(Me, my brother Anton, my mom Lynne, my dad Lex and Jeanne on New Years Eve)






  1. I was lucky enough to meet your dad, Lex, on the Yangtze River cruise. He and Lynne were our table-mates and I was initially drawn to both of them due to my interest in South Africa (as a tour operator, it’s my favorite country!). But quickly that intrigue turned into sheer joy and interest in such facinating and kind people. Your father was such a gentleman, always standing up as a lady approached (unlike our Americans boys). I can still see the twinkle in his eye and hear his lively chuckle as we discussed one facinating topic after another. Your New Year’s Eve picture reminds me of his constant cheerful nature. In such a short time, I could tell that he brings joy to those around him. We watched as he and Lynne lit up the dancefloor his last evening, clearly celebrating life (we have a great dancing photo we’d love to send you). Please give your Mom another hug from me as a continuation of my efforts to comfort her as she disembarked. We were very concerned for the journey that lay ahead of her and hope she made it home without too much drama. Give her our best and tell her we’ve had her in our thoughts and prayers. Sue, Marian, Linda and Annie.

    • Hi Sue.

      My mother told us all about you and your friends – she has such fond memories of that evening. As soon as I receive your picture I will post it on the blog.

      I will be reading your message out at his memorial service on Friday evening – thank you so much for sharing your memory of him and your kind words.

      Keep in touch,


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