Fortnightly test results: Week 6

Here are some notes from our fantastic Project Manager, Jamie…

Jax: Fasting glucose is still creeping up slowly as expected but is
still within the acceptable range, LDL has gone back up to baseline
values which is interesting because it normally decreases on the
prudent low fat diet, HDL is increasing again slowly which is good,
total cholesterol has gone back up to baseline values as a result of
the LDL going up.

Jeanne: Fasting glucose is still creeping down as expected which is
good, LDL has increased considerably which emphasizes the importance
of getting the LDL particle size results at the end of the trial, HDL
is increasing nicely and triglycerides are still low which is good




  1. More graph enhancement requests. Consider adding two horizontal lines on each graph for the upper and lower limits of “normal”/”acceptable”. Maybe a red line for the “bad” end of the range and green for the “good” end of the range? It might also be nice to add a quick note to the side about the measurement. I don’t really know what hs CRP is and it might be nice to read two explanatory lines about this test in the context of the graph.

    Loving this experiment. I’m on the edge of my seat.

    • Thanks for the suggestions Jason – will see what I can do :-) In the meantime check out FAQ – the tests are explained there.

  2. Hello guys,

    Just a question. On this post for Jeanne results it says “HDL is increasing nicely”… I quite didn’t get it. isn’t it decreasing?

    I’m a Paleo Diet follower for healthy reasons. I’ve IBS and I’m seeing considerable improvement while following paleo diet.


    • Hi. Thanks for the heads-up I’ve received about the HDL graph. I had typed in 1,17 for Jeanne instead of 1,71. Her HDL has indeed gone up and not down…

  3. How are you both feeling about both your total cholesterol levels being above 4.9 nmol/l even at 8 nmol/l. I’m also trailing a high fat diet no-low carb and my latest results say 8.8 nmol/l which has scared me a bit. I’m like you cos my LDL has gone up on the high fat eating to 6.3 nmol/l which is what docs will say I need a statin to bring down.

    I’d love to know how you are feeling seeing the LDL and Total Cholesterol score way above “acceptable” levels. I feel better on a high fat diet, its just my LDL is high doing this. BTW hsCRP good and fasting glucose for me as well. Ever considered a simple ApoB test in order to check particle numbers?

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