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  1. The only “bad” graph for the Fat eating twin seems to be the C-reactive protein. The high fat diet does seem to raise that levels. Is the difference shown in this test a significant one? I mean what is a normal person’s levels to start with (0.2?) and when is it considered to indicate that something serious is wrong? The way I understand it is that when the C-Reactive protein levels goes up it is an indication of inflammation. So does this mean high fat somehow cause inflammation? And if so, where does it cause inflammation?

    Thanks for the interesting experiment. I just changed back to a high fat diet since despite eating a conventional healthy diet and exercising 5-6 times a week I was actually gaining belly fat. Like most people I am scared of too much fat. I do found however that I have more constant energy and that I lose weight when I eat enough fats. If only eat high protein, I feel hungry all the time and I only lose a bit of water (weight that comes back in 2 days after eating carbs again).

    When I did the high fat diet the first time about a year ago I ran my first 21km race in a time of 02h30. It is slow , I know, but is one of the toughest 21k’s in SA according to runners. I am not a runner, in fact this was the first time in my life I jogged further than 5km and it was an off-road race with quite a bit of hills. I did this with fitness I got from HIIT and weight training gym work. More importantly, I did this with no carbs. I did not eat dinner the previous night ( I fell asleep early because of some antihistamines I used for a sudden allergic skin reaction) and probably consumed 20g of carbs earlier that day. The morning of the race I ate 1 cooked egg and a about 50g of boerewors . This means I must have used fat for energy (and perhaps some muscle).

    I went back to a more conventional diet shortly after this on advice of my doctor (my cholesterol was 5.6 and the doc wanted it to be below 4.5, that’s all I know). I never went for a cholesterol check again so I don’t know what it is today. Wish I had stayed on the high fat way of eating then I probably would have been a lot leaner by now.

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