Cholesterol Conversation with Denny

I received this interesting comment from Denny on our cholesterol results and though I’d post it along with the insights given to me by Project Manager, Jamie Smith

Denny’s Question:

“Are your cholesterol test done using a VAP test? I ask as the total cholesterol and LDL really don’t matter too much. What is more important is the pattern of the LDL cholesterol (A vs. B) will you be sharing that data? From experience and reading, Jeanne should exhibit an increase in HDL and total cholesterol (maybe even LDL) but the LDL patter will be the harmless fluffy pattern B type.

Jax should see reductions in cholesterol (blood lipids), however her LDL will most likely shift towards pattern A (small dense LDL, the dangerous type).

If you could post that information, that would be great.”

Jamie’s Answer:

“Hi Jax

The LDL that we are reporting here is total LDL. Although it is the
actual measured amount not the estimated amount it was not measured
using the VAP test and therefore doesn’t give any information
regarding particle size. I stand corrected but I dont believe that
Pathcare or any other commercial pathology lab offers this test yet.
As we said at the start of the diets, LDL is not very informative,
even though it is what everyone places emphasis on when talking about
cholesterol. That is why we took a blood sample to measure LDL
particle size and will take another one next week and at the end of
the 8 weeks.

We havent done the LDL particle size tests yet because we want to run
them in parallel so that we can directly compare them. LDL particle
size is divided into 5 categories (A, AI, I, IB, B) with B being the
smallest and most atherogenic and A being the largest and most
desirable.  I suspect that the changes will be small and may not
change categories but we will see next week.



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