Weekly Test Results: Week 2

Now this is interesting.  Chatting to the Rael Koping (our dietician) this morning about the results below, this was his assessment:  Given the intensely physically active week I’ve had (transferring and planting grass patches amongst other things) I’ve burned fat but am still going up in weight.  Given the very sedentary week Jeanne’s had (getting busier in her various important roles in the acting governance world), she’s maintained her weight and even gone up a bit in fat percentage.  This has happened in conjunction with the fact that her body is taking a while to adjust to getting its energy from another source (which is why she’s experiencing such muscular tiredness too).


  1. Typically, when someone switches to a ketogenic diet, they lose a lot of water weight, so that might be part of it for Jeanne. This diet completely depletes glycogen stores and glycogen holds 3x its weight in water.

    • And the water weight is usually lost in the first week only, the rest of the weeks is fat weight, but full adaptation to the diet can take several weeks, up to a month!

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