Weekly Test Results – Week 1

(Please note that we have moved our weekly tests to Rael Koping (Dietician) in order to do our check in with him at the same time. We were able to calibrate the weight scale but not the BMI machine so the weight difference between the baseline results and this week’s results are accurate, but the BMI results may not be. Those will be checked as we carry on with the new machine.)





  1. Wow, that’s quite a noticeable weight ”change”. I am hoping to try and lose some weight and although clearly portion size needs to be addressed in a more disciplined way, this is a very interesting thing to follow…

    I’ll be watching this space!

  2. What a fascinating study! Great to see results side by side. I look forward to seeing the completed data of this study. Two lovely young women, and I hope you will discover how to be equally lovely on the inside, too.

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