Fortnightly Test Results – Week 2 (Blood tests)

Please see Jamie (Project Manager) and Prof Noakes’ assessment of the blood results below.

Jax’s highly sensitive c-reactive protein (hs CRP) is actually at baseline: <0,2 and week 2 : <0,2.  Just couldn’t get my graph to do any “<”


Here are Jamie and the Prof’s assessment:

“It is probably too early to see reliable changes that will persist
longterm. Secondly the changes may also be due to day to day variation
or within the measurement error so don’t worry about small changes

Having said that
Fasting glucose seems to have come down in Jeanne, possible due to
less carbohydrate intake but also possible day to day variation.
Fasting insulin has come down in both of you, which is a good thing.
Not sure if this is physiologically significant though as it may be
day to day variation.

Therefore, Gluc/ins ratio has gone up in both of you which is a good thing.
HbA1C is similar to before.

Total LDL: Jax gone down, Jeanne gone up. Although it is thought of as
bad to have a high LDL cholesterol this seems to be a common trend
with changing carb intake in the way that you have BUT it’s the LDL
particle size that is important which we will only measure later.

Total cholesterol: similar trend to LDL: this is actually the least
important of all things we measured with regards to risk. We measured
it to high light this point and because it is what most people quote
when they say they have high cholesterol.

Triglycerides: no change, too early to see a meaningful change.

hsCRP: This seems to have gone up in Jax into the moderate risk
category ie 1-3, however I would wait for another test to confirm that
it stays elevated. hsCRP is an indicator of inflammation. Chronically
high levels are associated with increased risk of heart disease (much
higher than your value Jax so dont worry), however it can also go up
with any other transient infection like a common cold.”


  1. First off, this is an incredible experiment and I’m so happy you both are doing it. I intend to become a Naturopathic physician and understand the importance of diet on achieving optimal health. Keep up the great work! I can’t wait to see where this goes!

    Just a quick question: in the hsCRP analysis, did “Jax & Jeanne” get swapped? From the chart it looks as though Jeanne shot up into the 1+ range, whereas the writeup indicates Jax did.

    • Hi Matthew,

      Welcome on board!
      Thanks for the heads up Matthew will make sure that I have the graphs right.


  2. Are your cholesterol test done using a VAP test? I ask as the total cholesterol and LDL really don’t matter too much. What is more important is the pattern of the LDL cholesterol (A vs. B) will you be sharing that data? From experience and reading, Jeanne should exhibit an increase in HDL and total cholesterol (maybe even LDL) but the LDL patter will be the harmless fluffy pattern B type.

    Jax should see reductions in cholesterol (blood lipids), however her LDL will most likely shift towards pattern A (small dense LDL, the dangerous type).

    If you could post that information, that would be great.

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