Check-In: Week 3



I know I say it every week, but it really is easy to find ‘healthy’ carbs to eat.  I’ve enjoyed various health wraps and sandwiches while out and about and have played around with different kinds of pastas at home.  Just made some gluten free tagliatelli but it went all wrong – got time to practice though!

I’m still amazed at how much my appetite has increased.  I wake up hungry for breakfast and can’t believe that my tummy’s rumbling for lunch not too long after that.  Not that I’m complaining – as someone who loves to eat I’m enjoying having the hunger to justify that I do!

Yesterday was the first time I’ve struggled with craving something.  I bought little Grace a chocolate and as she dug in on the way home, the car filled with the heavenly aroma.  I literally started drooling and had a moment when I wanted to grab it out of her hand and just take a big delicious bite!  But I resisted and am better for it. … I better be!


I have been feeling quite intensely irritable in the early evenings as I always did after a carb full day pre the project.  I’m not sure if it’s a psychological response to eating a type of food I usually try to avoid or if it’s a physical reaction to an increase of something in my system.

My tiredness in the afternoons has also persisted (in fact, my darling husband took the kids yesterday and I slept for an extra 3 hours in the morning and passed out for another 1 in the afternoon!)  I craved ice in my pregnancies due to severe iron deficiency which lasted until a few months ago when I had an iron transfusion.  I’m experiencing similar tiredness now and have started eating ice again so I wonder if  my iron’s dropped on my high carb diet?


I’m not surprised that I’ve put on a bit a of weight – I’m just surprised that it wasn’t more.  Most women have ‘fat’ days where for whatever reason they just feel bigger and softer than they did the day before – well I’ve had a ‘fat’ month!   Time will tell if I am actually softening up as much as I feel I am. We’re going into week 4 and will be doing another batch of blood tests – look forward to seeing what comes up.


On the family side of life it was a nice week.  There were quite a few visits with friends and family – thanks to my mother-in-law for the wonderful cottage pie on Thurs night! The kids did an end-of-term show at school which was delightful.  I took a bowl of strawberries and managed to resist the cupcakes and go for the quiche instead.  The week ahead may prove to be interesting as I’ll have the kids with me all day everyday.   Please let the weather be good – rainy days at home = cabin fever on all sides!

I was very disappointed to see the Mail & Guardian pose the question:  “Is TIm Noakes the Malema of Medicine?”  For non-locals, that’s like asking if he’s the next Gaddafi or Mussolini.  It may have been ‘just a question’, and the article itself was relatively balanced, but the suggestion alone takes it too far.  I respect and understand the need for debate and that the jury is still out on the issue, but let’s keep it clean.




Although it’s been a good week for me food-wise in that I am still enjoying the low carb eating, I have found a couple of occasions where catering was an issue.  To start with, I spent 8 hours yesterday at a a table reading for the up & coming film.  I had sent the production company my ‘dietary requirements’ but found that all that was on offer in terms of snacks was pastries & fruit, and for lunch it was all pasta and bread with a bit of salad and a Thai green curry.  So it was a bit of salad and curry for me and watching the rest of the cast munch through the tea breaks while I watched on!  I also attended 2 functions since Wednesday’s weigh-in where the only thing I could eat was the cheeses – so needless to say I’ve subsequently eaten a lot of the ‘fat’ side of side things and am curious to see what the results will look like at our next weekly weigh-in and fat percentage test!


On the physical front I’m happy to say that my energy levels are much better – although I do find I wake feeling quite tired and it takes me awhile to perk up.  On the allergy front I am still doing SO much better, although with Spring/Summer here in Cape Town I do find I struggle with the sneezes every now and then.


From the results this week it seems as though I am stabilizing on the weight and body-fat front, although as I mentioned, I have had a few fat heavy meals so lets see what lies ahead with next weeks results!


It’s been a full week for me between SAGA (South African Guild of Actors) board meeting, prepping for the table reading, commercial call back, Actshop and the rest of my life in between it all… Unlike some of my friends, I thoroughly enjoy the spontaneous nature of my day to day life, although as I mentioned in the FOOD bit, it can lead me to be a little short on appropriate munchies when I am out&about!


  1. Very interested in following you guys, just by coincidence I started a low carb, good protein/fat diet. i.e. organic grass fed beef, free range pasture chickens, wild salmon, omega 3 free range eggs and so on with variety of veggies. This diet is a 180 from the past year of low fat (less than 20 total fat grams per day) 15-20 miles per week in jogging and a weight loss of 15 lbs from more running than in the past. On this low fat diet my cholesterol and LDL went sky high. 3 weeks into the low carb diet my cholesterol dropped 25%+ and LDL 31% back into normal ranges. I feel so much better, no afternoon bonk outs, however the jogging is harder without the carbs so have been eating some fruit a few hours before exercise. With this evidence I am gonna place my bets with Jeanne.

  2. I have found after all these years (62), that the crabbiness at dinner time is due to low blood sugar. My children weren’t too happy, because it happened when they got home from school. I also know that if I eat a large amount of carbs, I get very sleepy. Again maybe low blood sugar.
    Keep up the good work, both of you, and thanks for doing this.

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