Check-In: Week 2


This has been a very physically active week for me.  My grass planting adventure kicked started it all and a few hours of tilling soil, carrying slabs of grass from the car to the garden and planting the stuff, left me aching and exhausted. For some reason I’ve been up and down our stairs at home more this week than others and have carried one or both children quite a lot.  This has resulted in me loosing fat percentage even though my weight has gone up.  I continue to feel very tired in the afternoons and am still getting used to having such a big appetite. It’s been a good week all round and I look forward to seeing what week 3 holds for us.


What has surprised me most this week is how much my appetite has dropped: From often feeling ‘nibbly’ before, to never getting to a point of feeling hungry at all between meals and snacks – and finding I need to eat less to be satisfied. Physically, at the beginning of the week I was still feeling muscle tired which is most likely my body adjusting to the new diet, but towards the end I am already feeling a lot better. Apart from being stranded at a wardrobe fitting for ours with nothing on offer but high carb snacks, I am still enjoying the high fat/protein diet and looks forward to seeing the results ahead!

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  1. Jeanne is definitely the lucky one here. Send me your email and I will send you my favorite low-carb/paleo dishes that are fantastic.

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