Check-In: Week 1

Jax: “It’s been a very interesting week for me as I’ve gotten into my high carb diet.  To eat pasta, couscous and rice without a hesitation has been a learning curve but now I’m in the swing of things and consuming carbs carefreely.I have noticed some definite changes such as allergies that have suddenly cropped up.  I haven’t rubbed my nose and sneezed this much in years.  I’m also basically narcoleptic at 14:00 every afternoon and am very bloated.  I think I can feel the extra weight I’ve put on but that may be psychological.  On the home front, it’s been quite a challenged learning how to balance the children, husband, life and the project.  I thought that I was running from pillar to post before this all started but now realize that I was actually strolling in a park – NOW I’m running from pillar to post! All in all I am loving the journey I’m on and look forward to the next seven weeks.”


Jeanne: “It’s the end of the week and I’m still enjoying the high fat/protein diet!  Although I still feel a little tired, my energy levels are getting better and I’m interested to see how this aspect pans out going ahead.  A surprise has been that my allergies have stopped being an problem!  Up until this last week I almost constantly struggled with itchy eyes & nose and sneezing and I have enjoyed a sneeze free week! This is good news as I have a part in a film scheduled for early October and to not have to be on set with tissue in hand would be fantastic! So in the week ahead I’m looking forward to some more fat, protein and getting cracking on the script…


  1. The reactions as to sniffles and itches may prove really interesting – keeping an eye on how you do

  2. I’m really interested to read that you’ve both experienced such a noticable change in your allergies. I began eating a low-carb high-fat diet last autumn and this summer I was amazed to find that my hay fever never appeared. Since I first had hay fever in about 2000 / 2001, it’s been quite severe for at least a few weeks every single summer. This year, things couldn’t have been more different – I had almost no symptoms whatsoever. It had not even occurred to me that hay fever could be affected by diet, so this took me completely by (pleasant) surprise.

    Of course, looking at things objectively, I can’t be 100% certain that this results from my change in diet. I suppose it could be due to pollens appearing at a different time or something of that nature. However, my strong suspicion is that diet is responsible. Reading about your respective experiences has compounded that suspicion.

    At the end of the day, hay fever is unpleasant but not really that big a deal. However, it seems plausible that if my diet change has somehow reduced my body’s tendency to become unnecessarily inflamed, then it could have other less visible, but more profound health consequences in the long term.

  3. Great idea for a project! I have been reading tons of literature on ketogenic and paleo diets and know tons of people who have attempted it. Suffice it to say, both the science and circumstantial evidence suggests that this is what humans have evolved to eat, as the results are truly amazing with almost no exceptions. Many auto-immune problems are completely cleared up, among many other chronic and random ailments. Labs greatly improve, and weight is lost. But seeing an experiment done side by side is fascinating, so following your progress will be more fun than a waiting for a new episode of a favorite show :) Good luck ladies!

    • Hi Misha – so nice to have you on board. I’m picking up our first blood test results today since our baselines were done – will have them analyzed and put on the blog by tomorrow afternoon, along with our week’s body measurements :-)

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