Our first Bodytec exercise session

I had coffee with a friend of mine two days ago and she suggested that we pop into a new site that had opened up at the Steenberg shopping center we both frequent. On entering the Bodytec studio it was immediately clear that I was going to be introduced to a new philosophy in top end, cutting edge exercise regimes. During what could only be a brief chat (school run was looming) Maryse from Bodytec offered Jeanne and I a weekly training session for the duration of the project.

Two days later (9:30 this morning to be precise), Jeanne and I were being strapped into our “Lara Croft” gear and hooked up to our machines.

Basically it’s the use of electro muscle stimulation to exercise your muscles as you would in a gym session. They say that one 20 min Bodytec session accounts for 3 x 90 min muscle/toning gym sessions.

We donned the water-retentive clothing, put on the warm water-soaked electronic gear and were literally plugged into our respective machines. It sounds uncomfortable but I assure you, you feel warm and snug as a bug. In fact, we both felt very held together, if not corseted. I felt like I could put on a billowing skirt and swan around a ball room.

What they do first is set your electronic pulse levels (please see their website for more details, and the proper wording!) and then you start your 20 min workout. Your muscles receive 4 seconds of electronic stimulation which cause them to contract and then you have 4 seconds off. 4 seconds on 4 seconds off. When you’re ‘switched on’ it’s the strangest sensation as you feel the combination of an electric current and your muscles completely contracting. Not unpleasant but definitely new.

If that wasn’t work enough, your trainer gets you to do squats, crunches and arm exercises as your 4 seconds of electronic pulse comes through.

Do I feel like I’ve worked out? Yes, definitely. And apparently we’ll be feeling it more tomorrow and the next day.

Although it’s not classic exercise and hasn’t been assigned to us by SSISA or our Project Manager, I’m glad it’s come across our path. I was worried about how Jeanne and I were going to get the same amount of exercise given our very different life-styles and this seems to be the answer. And as a full-time mother of two I can only say amen to something that is 20 mins a week and just up the road!


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