1st Woolies Shop

Jeanne and I did our first Woolworths shop today to prep for the road ahead. One of the biggest changes for me was buying 2% low fat milk. As an avid coffee drinker and a strong believer in “if you’re going to have milk then get the real stuff” it was strange to pull the red bottle out the fridge and not the blue one. Jeanne is also not allowed full cream milk and had to go for cream-cream – something most of us would consider a treat. She rubbed it in as she put some cheese in her trolley and didn’t let up when she hit the meat isle either. I got my own back though when I chose some of Woolies’ amazing pastas and made sure I lingered in the bread isle so she could see what she’ll be missing. As always, we had a good time together and look forward to cooking up a few storms.




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