The Author

My twin sister, Jeanne, and I were born in Bloemfontein on 21 June 1977. My parents had moved there from Cape Town a few years earlier for our father to specialize as a gynecologist under one of his professors from Stellenbosch University. Given the special magic of Bloem they ended up staying for many years and it became the backdrop to the first 18 years of our lives.

We attended Eunice Primary and High School and matriculated in 1995. From school we went to Stellenbosch University where we both studied Bachelor of Arts degrees. Three years on the beautiful campus nestled in the Cape Winelands saw us soaking up student life till we were satiated.Living in Bloem means we grew up with biltong hanging from our kitchen ceiling and braais every weekend. ‘Vleis, rys en aartapels’ was the mantra for most meals so you can say we followed both diets simultaneously. Our older brother Anton was a hero in our eyes and still holds that position to today.

From Stellenbosch we started our four years of adventures across Europe. Living and working, – apart and together – through Monte Carlo, Paris, Milan, Geneva and London.

Our return to sunny S.A. was prompted by Jeanne’s marriage in 2002.

I did many things over the next few years including networking media professionals and having a major burn out. It was in my position as PR Manager at an international property company that I discovered a love for writing. I can honestly say that I wasn’t much good at PR itself, but flourished as my position demanded more and more of my writing skills.

After a year and a half there I met my husband. I have always loved Seattle coffee and so it was a real life fairy tale that I ended up marrying Mr Seattle Coffee Company himself. We tied the knot on the sands of the Sabie River in the Kruger Park in April 2007. Not being ones to wait around we had our first child, Grace, 18 months after our marriage and our second child, James 14 months after that.

We now live in Tokai Cape Town with it’s peaceful setting and it’s not-so-wild wildlife. The squirrels eat nuts from the kids hands and the marauding baboons scare them half to death.