Last word on Twin Noakes

What a moment – my last word on Twin Noakes.  The posts from this week have pretty much given you all an idea of how things have gone so I won’t labour my points too much.

Remember, these are the results from Twin Noakes 2 where I swapped from the High Carb diet I had been on to the LCHF diet in order to re-test our original results. For Twin Noakes 1 (the original project), go to page 6 and scroll back from there or click on the “Twin Noakes 1: Final test results” tag.

So, with no further ado, here my results from Twin Noakes 2


I’m no doctor or scientist, but thankfully I’ve learnt quite a lot along the way and I have the professional analysis of Jeanne’s blood tests to refer to when I look at mine.  To the lay person the fact that my cholesterol has been creeping up would normally indicate that I should run a mile from the LCHF eating plan.  However, as we saw from Jeanne’s results at the end of last year, it’s not all about the cholesterol – it’s vitally important to look at the other risk factors (triglycerides, insulin etc) as well as cholesterol particle size to see what’s really happening.  So, looking at my blood tests we can see that although my cholesterol has been risen a bit, my other risk factors are improving which I’m happy with.  Although I couldn’t do the specialised cholesterol particle size test this time round I’m convinced that my particles will be getting bigger and fluffier (ie less dangerous) seeing as my that’s what happened to my identical twin.  Now, I am not a professional and this is just my mildly informed opinion, but after what I’ve learned and experienced on this amazing journey, I’m happy with my diagnosis. (See my Final Blood Tests post for all the graphs)



As you can see from my last post, things have gone pretty well on the figure front.  This over 4 months and with a good dose of champagne, G&T and dark chocolate (plus an occasional cheat).  I couldn’t have gotten there without Body Tec and my personal training though – it’s one plus the other. (See my Before and After post for all the pics)


First of all a huge thank you to the wonderful Professor Timothy Noakes who bravely agreed to allow me to use him as a sounding board for this project.  Prof, you’re an inspiration. Keep up the good fight, you’re making history…

Then to the rest of the team which has grown over the last year.  You’ve all played a crucial part in this project and I’ve enjoyed working with each of you…

It goes without saying that I am very grateful to my sponsors, some of whom have also come, gone and will carry on.  Without your support Twin Noakes simply wouldn’t have been the success that it is.  Thank you so very much.

Then to my husband, family and friends.  I can’t thank you enough for your support, challenges and encouragement … you’re all a part of Twin Noakes and I love you tons!

And finally to Jeanne.  Twin Noakes would have just been something like Jax Noakes without you which, quite frankly, wouldn’t even have appealed to me!  Not only were you the other half of the project but as always you’re the other (if not the better) half of me.  You put so much on hold (including falling pregnant) to do Twin Noakes and you not only stayed with my every step of the way, but sometimes ran ahead, peaked around the corner and filled me with anticipation of where this all was going.  I love you to distraction Noo.  Love Lucklin.




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