Final check-in: Jax

I’m quite sad writing this final check-in.  My weekly updates have become a fond reflection of the journey I’ve been on.

I had my last Pathcare blood tests done on Thursday last week and as always it was a pleasant experience.  As I held the warm vials in my hands I was struck again by how blessed I’ve been to have their support and sponsorship, and how significant tracking my health on such an in-depth level has been.  I collected the results yesterday and will be posting the final graphs on Thurs this week.

It was a culinary downhill from Pathcare though which only really ended on Sunday afternoon.  First stop was Seattle Constantia where I ordered my usual latte and tucked into their amazing Mediterranean wrap (which I ate a lot of in Twin Noakes 1 on the high carb eating plan).  Jeanne then presented me with flowers of congratulations from my family and a slab of Lindt white chocolate.  We took one look at the rainy weather outside and proceeded to go to my house, get into bed with books and eat the entire Lindt.  The rest of the day was full of social events which all held a carb or two which I consumed. The result?  I felt so terrible on Fri, I couldn’t do Body Tec.  I wasn’t surprised though – I went on a carb-binge and knew I would pay for it!

The weekend had some high carb items in too but I’m back to my LCHF lifestyle now and am immediately feeling better for it.  Pete and the kids are so into me eating this way that my Sunday morning tray was all about LCHF foods except the pop corn, which I’m sure little Gracie thought no one should ever do without!

Family food

I’ll end my check-in with that because there’s a lot more to say in this final week of Twin Noakes.  Here is a schedule of the posts that lie ahead:

Wednesday – my final body measurements

Thursday – my final blood tests

Fri – my before and after figure pics along with my conclusions and a final salutation from Twin Noakes


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