Check-In: Jax

What a busy week it’s been.  Full of frustration, joy, excitment and near death experiences.  All caused by Rosy and Lightening who are each no more than 4 cm big.

Yip, we got dwarf hamsters this week -first pets for our kiddies. From driving around CT to find the right cages and toys to praying fervently that Lightening would start breathing again after a nasty fall, these little things have brought a whole new dimension to our lives and have taken up a whole lot of my time :-)

I’ve been extremely tired for a while now, actually since I started training.  I think my body is adjusting to getting the new demand for energy from other sources and not fast carbs.  To quote Joanne Fedler from her autobiographical ‘When hungry, eat': “Who could have predicted that exercise would become a secret love affair my body was having behind my back?”

In between will be kiddies, hamsters, laughs and frustrations.  My social calendar is quite full (the way I like it) with ‘sibling time’ as a top favorite. Together we’re counting the days till Jeanne’s little one is born in August and my brother gets married to the the incredible Miss Moss in October.




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