Letters: Dr Timothy Wood (2)

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I think the tide is starting to turn on statins as more medical professionals start to query their use.

The drug companies wield such immense power over the medical profession, their patients and even governments. These multinational companies have a duty to their shareholders to turn a profit. If they knowingly do something to reduce their sales (ie make people well) this would be an illegal act, as a company cannot engage in activity that will actively reduce revenue. In short Good Health = Loss; Bad Health = Profit. While they hold some lifesaving drugs they use this to force or manipulate us into accepting drugs that make us sicker.

As a chiropractor I see a lot of people with joint inflammation. As a physiologist I know this is a healthy response as no healing can occur without inflammation. We have been taught not to trust our body’s. Medicine says pain (our natural alarm system) is bad; and we know inflammation causes pain; therefore inflammation is bad. So when we are in pain or have inflammation we are told to take an anti-inflammatory. This interferes with some of the chemical pathways involved in inflammation and ultimately suppresses healing. Now your alarm system is turned off and you can go about your business … and most likely hurt yourself even more. Its important to know that these anti-inflammatory chemicals don’t just go the site of the injury, they go to to EVERY SINGLE CELL in your body! Here they act on the cell membrane, an absolutely crucial part of life. Where the messages from your internal and external environment get across so they can get to the nucleus to read the right response from the DNA. Then take this information back out to the organs to make the appropriate response. Faulty cell membrane = interference to cellular communication and health. NSAIDs alter the plasma membrane and its signalling. While the physiological process are quite complex you’ll be interested to know that the ability of NSAIDs to associate with lipids (cholesterol-containing domains) in the cell membrane leads to changes in cell signalling. This is most noticeable in the stomach causing ulceration but also mess with all the trillions of cells in your body. But don’t worry they are safe and you can buy them from the chemist without a prescription. In 1998 a study reported 16,500 NSAID-related deaths occur each year in USA, among arthritis patients alone. 15th most common cause of death in the United States! Since then NSAID sales have increased globally and conservative estimates have yearly deaths in the hundreds of thousands.
You see, I just can’t help myself … sorry.

Back to healthy living or as I like to call it the Wellness Lifestyle
If you haven’t already, have a read of Australian author Cyndi O’meara “Changing Habits Changing Lives”. She champions whole, fresh (non-factory made) food – have a look at this clip.

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