Check-In: Jax

My first week back home in CT has been a good one.  I’ve gotten the kiddies (and myself) back into routine and things are going relatively smoothly.  One element I didn’t expect is that every time I go anywhere I get involved with people who I haven’t seen for 3 months or more. This means school-runs and shopping trips have been social events … It’s been great!

As promised, I’ve set up appointments this week and will be seeing Rael (dietician) on Tues 5 Feb, my “Between the Lines” specialist on Wed 13 Feb and Prof Noakes on Thurs 14 Feb.  I still have to settle on a time with my “Under Cover” specialist but am sure that will happen next week.  Finally I’ll be getting hold of  BodyTec – can’t wait to get started on that again this week.

As for LCHF, I’m proud to announce that I’m back on track.  With a GnT or champagne here and there as my only ‘bad carbs’ I’m looking forward to the next few months.

I still get my morning fix of Seattle Coffee Co.’s muesli cup – just without the muesli.


One thing I’ve realised very fast on this eating plan is that you have to be prepared.  Because we live in a carb-focused world, one can often get stuck if you’re looking for a LCHF meal or snack. I had to compromise slightly this morning at The Round House by having a pomegranate frozen yoghurt (sugar) but at least I stayed away from the french toasts and baguettes that were being eaten around me.  The problem on LFHC is that if you get stuck ‘out there’ without proper options you either eat the wrong thing or (like I most often do) you don’t eat at all.  I find that having some biltong (beef jerky) with me helps a lot in these cases as well as having a proper breakfast before life with little kiddies runs me off my feet.



Hope this post finds you all well,





  1. Hi Jax, finally had a chance to read through your whole journey. So sorry to hear about your Dad. Well done on your idea and seeing it through. Very inspirational.

    Love from NZ

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