Jax: Check-in

After a long and wonderful Christmas holiday I am delighted to return to the pages of Twin Noakes and resume my journey with you.

View from our deck on the Wild Coast…

It’s been a very rich month as my siblings and I, plus family from overseas gathered to spend our first Christmas without my father. The day itself saw tears and laughter as we remembered him, and many glasses of wine were raised in toasts to his memory as the days rolled by.

Given the wonderful weather we’ve had, my days were spent searching for sea-life in the rock pools with the kids, reading book after book on the deck and eating… Boy did we eat.

Daily braais

Almost every day saw the cooking of meat – from braais and roasts to chicken salads and curries. I managed to restrain myself from eating most high carbs, but indulged in a daily Gin and Tonic as well as Lindt dark chocolate. There were a few days when a slice of white bread or one of my mom’s puddings passed my lips, but given the range of temptations I faced daily, I think I did pretty well!

Daily GnT

If anything I ate too much, but am glad to say I didn’t eat too badly. My only exercise came in the form of walks to the river mouth and two brief stints on the paddle board. Thank goodness Body Tech is waiting for me when I get back to CT!

Paddle boarding

I head back up to be with my mother in Pretoria for two weeks and return to Cape Town at the beginning of February. On my return I’ll resume my blood tests with Pathcare as well check-ins with our dietician Rael. Both of these will be done on a monthly basis from now on.

I trust that this post finds you all well and that you too have many wonderful memories from your festive season.




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