Check-In: Jax

This is my last week of ‘holiday’.  By the time we get back to Cape Town on Tues 29 Oct, the kids and I would have been away for 2.5 months.

I’ve been on a  sort-of-LCHF eating plan since ending my walk with High Carbs last year.  Unfortunately over this period, the positive effects of mounds of salads and a healthy amount of protein have been cancelled out by equal measures of G&T’s, Christmas cake and various other treats. Included in these indulgences have been a number of ‘yummies’ my children have baked with their Nanna which have been hard to resist…

Getting on the scale this morning I noticed that my dalliance with high carbs has left a deposit on my hips and tummy.  I usually weigh around 52/53kg on my Mom’s scale and now I’m hovering at 55kg.  I’m not sure what tale Rael’s scale will tell, but I’ve got a feeling that I’ll be pretty much where I left off at the end of Twin Noakes Phase 1.

I see this as a positive in a way because as I get back into ‘normal’ life and commit properly to a LCHF life-style we’ll be able to see clearly how my body reacts to the diet.  I had thought that I’d allow myself some lee-way in this part of the project, but my children showed me otherwise.  After a particularly grueling day with squabbling and bad moods I vowed that they would be put back into a firm routine of eat, sleep and play – knowing that the lack of routine over the last few months has left them flailing in a rather choppy sea of emotions.

It was while congratulating myself on the strength of my resolve that it dawned on me that in order to get back into gear myself I’d have to be just as strict on the LCHF journey from next week. It’s going to be a shock to all our systems and my neighbours may well hear me complaining along with my children as I work to achieve the goals set before us. I hope that some of you will join me as I take the bull by the horns in 2013, and to this purpose I will be documenting my exercise regime and eating plan as I go along.

I’ve just eaten a bowl of ice-cream and will probably indulge in one last high carb treat in front of the TV tonight.  From tomorrow morning though I’ll be committed to a strict LCHF diet and will be eating way more things like this …





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