The Medical Myths of Heart Disease

I received this link to Dr Rodger Murphree’s site the other day – seems like more and more people are taking a closer look at the causes of heart disease and prevention methods.  Click on the image taken from the site to read the full article …

“Medical Myth Number Three
Cholesterol-lowering drugs are a safe and effective way to prevent heart attacks and strokes. Over the last twenty years, the pharmaceutical companies have promoted cholesterol-lowering statin drugs with such fervor that they’ve become household names: Lipitor, Crestor, Vytorin, Zocor, and others. Sixteen million Americans take Lipitor, the most popular statin drug. Statin sales in the U.S. alone are over $12.5 billion a year.

No doubt, the statins lower cholesterol levels and perhaps do lower the risk of dying from a heart attack–at least in patients who already have had one–but the size of the effect is unimpressive. For instance, in one of the experiments, the CARE trial, the odds of escaping death from a heart attack in five years for a patient with manifest heart disease was 94.3 percent, which improved to 95.4 percent with statin treatment. This difference of 1.1 percent is surely not worth all the hype these medications have received, especially since the potential side effects from these drugs may include congestive heart failure.”


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