Check-In: Jax

First of all, thank you for all the messages of condolences that have been flooding in over this difficult time following our father’s unexpected death.

We were due to go to a game farm in the Robertson Wine Valley with my parents after their return from China so we could celebrate my father’s birthday with him.  My mother still came down to Cape Town to be with us once she was back in the country and we decided to still go to Amathunzi as planned. This time to celebrate his life and to start getting some closure on his passing.

My brother and his girlfriend are also on a LCHF diet so there was more weight behind Jeanne and I in terms on menu planning.  The venue is absolutely amazing and so we enjoyed our (mainly low carb) meals and snacks around the pool, on the patio or at the banquet-sized dinner table.

Jeanne, the kids, my mother and I then came up to Pretoria to organise my father’s memorial service.  I can’t remember what I ate in those few crazy days, but it was largely LCHF which stood me in good stead to get everything done in the short time we had.

Since then I’ve been pretty good about staying away from high carbs except for the odd GnT here and there.  My brother and “Uncle Bob” are also to blame for the consumption of rare whiskeys over the memorial weekend.  Uncle Bob was my father’s best man at his wedding in Kent and hails from Scotland. He and his wife, Jan, came out just for the weekend to say goodbye to their good friend.  Bob brought along some precious Scottish whiskey which opened the gates for many more glasses raised to the amazing Lex Visser over the next few days.

My mom, the kids and I will be heading down to our vacation house at Kei Mouth.  We’ll be there for a month celebrating the Christmas season with family from South Africa and Australia.






  1. Ooh, I just know the eastern Cape will be healing and restorative to all of your souls. Lap it up, settle into the gentle rhythms of the Transkei; and, oh yes, look out for the flamingos at the mouth of the Kei!

    • Hi! The holiday was indeed restorative. We laughed and cried and laughed some more and have all begun 2013 ready for a new season. With regards to the Flamingos, I actually got of pic of them last June – will mail it to you.

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