Preparing for Summer in Sunny S.A.

I am so chuffed to have Piz Buin on board as a sponsor of Twin Noakes.  They’re an aspirational brand and the perfect partner as Twin Noakes sees me getting back into shape under the African sun.

So far I’ve been applying their Self Tanning Tinted Lotion every morning with great results.  My body is a bit of an enigma in that my arms and shoulders have an all-year tan but my legs can hardly hold onto the faintest glow in the midst of summer.  The lotion is silky smooth and leaves me feeling like royalty. And it has no ‘self-tan’ scent – that’s a biggie. So many times you see a lady with glowing skin only to walk past her and have her ‘secret’ scream out at you as self-tan residue fills your nostrils.

I’m sure you’ll see the results as I post body pics in my weekly check-ins. Already I’ve gone from ‘freshly kneaded dough’ to ‘caramel cream’.

The other product I’ve been using on a daily basis is their In Sun Ultra Light Sun Spray Spf30. This not-too-greasy high spf cream is perfect as I start my family and myself for our hot summer days.  The kids love it because there’s no alcohol to burn their eyes and my husband has found that the high quality of the product hasn’t given his sensitive nose the redness other products do.

The other two products I still need to try are their Active Long Lasting Spray and their Tan Intensifier.  The Long Lasting Spray says it absorbs in seconds which is perfect when you have two littlelies that head straight for the water as soon as they’re hatted and creamed. And the Tan Intensifier looks like a real winner – with a spf of 30 it promises to still protect you while assisting your skin to tan – will let you know once I try it out.

Click on the images below to find out more about each product – and try them out – you won’t be disappointed!



































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