Twin Noakes 2 Set-up Week

Week 9 of Twin Noakes has been renamed the Set-Up week as I gear up to officially start Phase Two of the project.

For me it was a week of transition as I ate a lot more according to the LCHF guidelines but still dipped into the carb-world in this ‘break’ between the two diets.  Here’s a carb spread I thoroughly enjoyed with my mother and sister in law at a ladies breakfast on Saturday morning, and below it is a beast of a steak we devoured on Saturday evening with some good friends …

I’ve been feeling remarkably better in this short time since changing onto a more paleo-styled diet. I think part of it is psychological, but most of it is physical.  The iron transfusion I had a few days ago has helped too and I hope to maintain good iron levels as I consume more red meat and things like spinach etc.

I have a ton of new ideas for the blog as we enter this new season and will add different elements as I go.

For now, I’ll leave you with these images of me taken today as a base-line to see how my body changes as I pursue health and fitness on the LCHF eating plan.







































































































  1. Hello, I have loved following your journey as you two experimented w/your diet. I personally have seen incredible health & body comp results from switching to a LCHF/”paleo”-type diet! The thing I wanted to comment on was in your pictures. You have a major difference in the height of your shoulders…I worked for a long time in a chiropractic office and that was one of the big indicators that someone has a misalignment in the vertebrae of the spine…that is, when the spine misaligns even a tiny bit, the hips, shoulders, or head will tilt off center to compensate. Not only that, if a person does have a misaligned vertebrae, there will be nerves that are irritated, which could cause headaches, ringing in the ears, fatigue, stomach troubles and much more.
    I’m sorry to seem so nosy but it was the thing I noticed first about your forward facing picture. I’d just hate for you to be dealing with aches or pains or other health challenges bc of something that is easily fixed.

    If you never do anything w this comment that’s ok w me. I still am curious to read about your next phase! And if you do decide to have a chiro check you, then good on ya as well!

    • Hi Kate –
      Yip, you’re right. My shoulders are definitely out of line. I’ve had mild scoliosis since childhood but it’s gotten worse over the years. I had a fantastic physio who worked hard on me for months and actually got my shoulders aligned in time for my wedding! She says that from my first vertebra to my last everything’s out of line and even did physio in my mouth to relieve tension! That means that all my muscles are constantly trying to pull it all back into place which brings with its own set of problems. It’s been 5 years since my wonderful wedding day and as you can see, my shoulders are back to where they were.

      I’ve been a bit scared of going the chiro route but may well give it a try – would you recommend that I partner it with physio?

      Will let you know what I do

      Thanks for the advice, Jax

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