Superlite Noodles … Interesting

I received this mail from Louise a while back and am keen to try these noodles out.  She what she has to say…

“Dear Jax and Jeanne
I have been following your very interesting Twin Noakes study online, and I am fascinated to see the outcome.
Since you have a family history of high cholestrol, I thought it would be interesting to introduce you to Superlite Noodles. Superlite Noodles, also called Shirataki noodles, are an almost zero calorie food, containing no gluten, no soy, zero carbohydrate, low in sodium and high in fibre. It is made up of mostly water, and water-soluble dietery fiber called konjac glucomannan. Many medical studies have been done on this fiber, including some studies linking its positive effects on cholestrol. Please see here for more detail:
We are waiting on our shipment at the moment, but if you are interested in trying the product, we’d love to donate some to and your sister as soon as they arrive. 
Well done on doing such a great project.
Louise @Superlite Noodles”


  1. I want to try them out for my husband who has diabetes. I have so many lovely recipes which need a pasta base – where will I be able to get them?

    • Hi Lynne,i found the no calorie noodles at dischem canal walk for R31 per 2 serving pack…
      also available at the health shop next to dischem in canal walk for a tiny bit more.
      not sure if your in cpt but your best bet is your nearest dischem store!
      Gonna try them tomorrow – hope they taste decent enough to be a regular substitute! – fingers crossed

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