Check-In: Week 6

Jax: High Carb


Grace’s 4th birthday party was quite a challenge.  With eating carbs I have definitely gotten more of a sweet tooth and haven’t been able to satisfy the sugar urge while on th project. So being faced with baking, icing and serving birthday cake etc wasn’t without a considerable amount of restraint not to sneak in a slice or a bite during the festivities.


Things are reaching a boiling point with me now.  The effect of carbs on me – a carb-intolerant individual – plus anemia has made for a rough road this last week. I feel flat, lifeless and just plain unhealthy on the inside and out.  I can feel that I’ve lost an essential vitality in my emotions, skin, hair etc.  The addition of weight isn’t helping either.  My husband being carb-tolerant would have been flourishing on this eating plan but I’m most definitely not.  It’s hard to tell where the effects of being anemic stop and my physical/emotional reaction to carbs start.


As always, the test results are an interesting read.  With Jeanne and I being relatively fit and healthy we knew that the results would wobble a bit and not be as dramatic as tests on obese people, but they’re heading in their respective directions and we look forward to the final tests in two weeks time.  Given how I’ve been feeling recently I asked our Pathcare sponsors if I could add in an iron test which they graciously approved.  The tests came back confirming a severe lack of iron in my system which is a relief simply because now I can rectify it and can understand my near narcoleptic existence.  My local GP has authorized an iron transfusion – I just need to make time to go and have it done.  You feel incredibly tired the day of and two days afterwards so I need to see where I’ll be with the kids and who can take them off my hands for a while.


As you know, Grace’s birthday was on the 10th of Oct.  It was a blast with over 20 children and 20+ adults on top of that.  The house was full of happy chaos and old and young alike had a great day.  We ended it off with a ‘family and close friends’ braai (barbeque) – and once again I munched on some chicken while my comrades enjoyed fatty lamb chops and pork sausages! There’s not much happening in the week ahead.  It’s the penultimate week of the project as it stands so I’m going to consciously enjoy the day-to-day carb meals, Bodytec session and measurements which have become such a normal part of my life now.  The week after next will be filled with lots of ‘final’ tests etc – Before I know it I’ll be celebrating the end of my carb run with a fillet of some sort topped with a cheese sauce of another sort!

Jeanne: Low Carb

Food:  I don’t have too much to say on food this week other than that I am still very much enjoying this high fat/protein way of eating and how I am feeling on it!  I look forward to seeing the end results (just 2 weeks to go!) and what the final tests reveal…   oh yes, I came across some ‘nut cheese’ (in the form of Macadamia Nut Cream Cheese) at the Hope Street Market on Saturday – and ended up dipping some bratwurst in it for breakfast…weird but tasty!


I’ve been feeling good too.  I’m still not particularly perky when I wake up (but the later nights and increased busyness of my life are probably a part).  I whereas it was such a thrill to see all the changes in the beginning of the project, I now need to remind myself that it’s ok if this is all starting to feel normal.  Perhaps ‘natural’ is a better word…yes, feeling this strong and allergy free is feeling very natural for me now :)

It seems I am plateauing in my weight and body fat results which seems to indicate that my body is finding a good and healthy norm for me.  As for the blood results, I am looking forward to seeing the overall diagnosis at the end once all the tests are in…and in the meantime and just going to focus on enjoying these last 2 weeks!


It was Grace’s 4th birthday this week and Jax and I had such fun with it!  We met for Bodytec at 09:30 am then headed back to her place to ice the cake before the kids got back from Play school.  In fact Jax headed off to pick them up while I finished off the icing and decorating which was near torture as I couldn’t enjoy the decorator’s privilege of licking the icing spatula at the end of a job well done!  The rest of the day was spent blowing up balloons and wrapping gifts and all the other bits and pieces that go with a little one’s birthday party.  Adults and their off spring started arriving at 3pm and we said goodby to the last guests at 10:30pm that night – what a great time had by all!  Other than that, my week was filled with SAGA work, the acting workshop at night and yummy salad, fat and protein in between!



  1. I am so pleased to have found this site this morning! Very interesting to follow how you are both feeling on the different regimes!
    Very keen to attend the workshop on the 14th; do hope I get seats I have requested!
    All the best to you both; most keen to see the final results

  2. Jax–I didn’t get the impression at the beginning of the study that you felt you were carb-resistant; I thought you regularly ate carbs and you were pretty slender. It’s obvious now though that carbs aren’t good for you….but I really don’t think they’re good for most people, LOL. You should have your husband try the program too…even though you think he’s fine with carbs, perhaps he’s “fine” because he unconsciously is staying within a good limit for himself?

    • Hi Tracy,
      Thanks for your comment. You’re right, at the beginning of the project I hardly felt any real negative effects (except allergies and bloating) but they slowly grew and from about 2.5 weeks ago I really really really felt it on all levels. My husband will stick to his healthy carbs I’m sure because he definitely is carb -tolerant :-)

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