A Paleo Diet may proove to be beneficial for people on ARV’s

I received this e-mail from Dr Gail Ashford explaining how she believes that a pale0-styled diet may benefit people living with HIV and who are on ARV medication

“Comments: Thank you for a wonderful blog. I apologise for hijacking your blog and posting an exerpt onto mine and wanted to give you the heads up to have a look . I have credited the blog exerpt as yours and posted links to your blog.

Allow me to explain:

I am an HIV clinician in Joburg with a website: www.hivsupport.co.za and a blog http://hivsupportsa.blogspot.com .  I have been devouring books and literature about low carb and paleolithic nutrition since January 2012. the more I read the more convinced I become that this has particular importance to people living with HIV and who are taking ARVs (who very often develop the apple shape figure and insulin resistance and carbohydrate intolerance, diabetes, high cholesterol)”

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