Noakes responds to doctors

I found this article on the 2Oceansvibe website.  For those of you who know, some academics and specialists wrote a letter to the Cape Times last week attacking Prof Noakes on his theories.

Click on the picture from the site below and it will take you to their site where you’ll find the Prof’s response as well as a link to the original letter by cardiologists.

“Professor Tim Noakes has said in a letter published in the Cape Times today that the theory that blood cholesterol and a high-fat diet are the causes of heart disease will be one of the greatest errors in the history of medicine.

Noakes is a professor of exercise and sports science, and is also the head of the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.

His letter was a response to this letter, written by a team of Cape Town specialists and academics, who said that Noakes had gone too far by suggesting that a switch to a high-fat and high-protein diet was advisable for everyone.”


  1. When they said “Tim Noakes goes too far in suggesting that a switch to a high-fat, high-protein diet is advisable for everyone,” I thought that maybe they were just urging a more cautious approach. Could Noakes really have made such an absolute and unqualified statement, I wondered? Surely there must be some people who (for whatever reason) really shouldn’t be on a high-fat high-protein diet?

    But then… when I read “Having survived ‘AIDS denialism’ we do not need to be exposed to ‘cholesterol denialism’,” I cringed. For a lot of reasons, that is not an appropriate comparison.

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