It’s a small world

A little while ago, Discovery Health held it’s annual ‘Discovery Invest Leadership Summit’.  Our Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu pulled out at the last minute in protest against the attendance of Tony Blair.  The man to fill his shoes was non other than Prof Tim Noakes.

Some believe that in the context of the Summit, the Prof turned out to be the better of the speakers and that there was no real loss in Tutu’s withdrawal. Noakes brought great energy and charisma to the day and wowed the audience by his surprise guest, Chad le Clos. Le Clos is South Africa’s new wonder boy after his defeat of Michael Phelps at this year’s London Olympics.

(Image taken from

My father happened to be a VIP at the Summit and had this photo taken with Le Clos. I hope to get him together with the Prof when he’s next in CT.

A small world indeed.



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