Interview on 567 Cape Talk with John Maytham

I did an interview on 567 Cape Talk with John Maytham on Wed 22 Aug.  Here’s their write up:

JOHN MAYTHAM 22 August 2012 3:45 PM

Twin research project
Jax is one of a identical twin, and they are about to embark on a 3 month study with the Sport Science Institute where one of them will go on a high fat diet, the other on a low fat diet. This comes after Prof. Tim Noakes came out recently saying that lots of fat in the diet does not lead to high cholesterol, or indeed makes one gain weight. “Being one of an identical twin I am blessed to have an almost genetically identical other and would like to use that, plus a love of writing, to embark on an experiment. With your help I’d like to get in touch with Tim Noakes and have him or a professional he knows to champion the New Cholesterol Theory and hopefully through the same channel, get someone who champions the Old Cholesterol Theory. Then for 3 months my twin and I will each follow the diet plan set out by our respective experts and I will write about it as we go along.”
Guest: Jax Howie
Position: One of a identical twin


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