Hi and welcome to the Twin Noakes Project where my identical other half and I will be putting the high carb and high fat/protein diets to the test. If you’re wondering which diet to follow, have an interest in twins or just like the look of what we’re up to then touch base with us over the next two months as we discover for ourselves what twists and turns lie in store for us.

If you want to know more about the project – from how it started to what we’ll be up to – then take a look at About The Project and ‘FAQ’. Going on from that, be sure to check out the ‘The Results’ page to see how we’re progressing. I’ll be updating it on a weekly basis as our different test results come in.

For a more personal view go to ‘Check In’ or our Twitter feeds for what we’re up to and how we’re feeling each day. We’ll also be posting weekly You Tube feeds to chat about our experiences and let you get to know us a bit better. On that note I’ll be posting interesting stuff in ‘Out and About’ as Jeanne and I get stuck into food markets etc along the way, and for a closer look check out ‘The Way We Were’ for tid bits and pics from our childhood and insights into the fascinating life of twins.

I trust that that’s enough to whet your appetite. Whether you’re in the carb corner, investigating protein or somewhere in between; we’re glad you’re with us and hope this blog with satisfy your curiosity and more.

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