Earth Fair Food Market – Noordhoek

Last night the kids, my hubby and I joined some family at the Noordhoek Earth Fair Food Market.  And we’ll definitely be going there again.

Spanning one of the parking lots the Noordhoek Farm Village is a huge Bedouin tent. Its circumference is lined with stall owners selling the best in local produce from fruit and veg through wraps and pies and onto sushi and ice cream.  Wine, bear, juice, breads, meats, cheeses and preserves … the list goes on.  In the middle of this veritable food ‘hug’ are happy eaters seated at long wooden tables sampling the whole range of eats and drinks.

Just beyond the tent is the play ground which is where I spent most of the time with the kids and their cousins. I sampled bites of their pies but focused on my tray of fashion sandwiches: rice + a bit of fish and veg = carb meal. Oh yeah baby!  Unfortunately Jeanne couldn’t make it but we have diarised next Thurs to meet up and see what we can supp on according to our respective diets.

If you haven’t tried it yet then I encourage you to come along as the weather improves and less of our Cape Town Thursday nights are rained out.  (For those of you up North – stop bragging – we know you’re into Spring already). And if you have kids like me, it’s a wonderful option for a dinner out of the house.

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